I started tying flies over 20 years ago by watching my father prepare for fishing trips as he tied flies at the kitchen table while I watched with my two brothers.  I first started tying dry flies for the rivers in Northern Idaho. In order to purchase additional fly tying materials I sold flies to friends and high school teachers. As I went to college I became more involved with fly tying. I met Joe Ayre in Pocatello, who taught me how to tie woven body flies. Joe also introduced me to the FFF and the Fly Tying Expos they host. I started attending and tying at the Southeast Fly Tying Expo in the late 1990s and learning from a lot of great tiers. While at college I tied flies for shops and guides in West Yellowstone and professors who enjoyed fly fishing.

After moving to Oregon in 2002, I met Al Brunell. Through the years, Al taught me the craft of tying steelhead flies. I eventually helped Al with his commercial orders and assisting Al with chairing the Northwest Fly Tyers Expo (www.nwexpo.com). Al passed away in November of 2007 and I am committed with keeping Al’s tying tradition alive.

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