Al Brunell

Remembering Al Brunell

al_brunell_expo_2007Al Brunell passed away on November 21st, 2007. I met Al in January of 2002. At the time he was the chair for the Northwest Fly Tyers Expo. He had been given a database with all of the tyers info in it and he needed help to print letters, labels, and other items. He did not like to use computers and didn’t have much interest in learning how to use one. He got my name from somebody in the Oregon Council FFF and gave me a call. I gladly accepted the challenge and helped him with the next two Expo’s. The third expo I became chair and he helped me out with that one as well. While working with each other to put on these Expo’s we became good friends. Al organized a weekly tying night at his house. I looked forward to these tying events every week. A bunch of guys would get together in his fly tying den and tie a few flies. His wife Letha, often baked cookies for us. Sometimes we tied, and other times we just told fishing stories and talked about life in general.

Al was a great friend and a mentor and will be greatly missed.

Magazines with Al Brunell Featured:
Northwest Fly Fishing – Summer 2006 (Innovative Fly Tier by John Shewey)

Books with Al Brunell flies:
Steelhead Flies by John Shewey – There are at least a dozen of Al’s flies in this book.

Steelhead Flies by John Shewey

Steelhead Flies by John Shewey

Oregon Blue-Ribbon Fly FIshing Guide by John Shewey – Pages 85-86 (some examples of Al’s doubles)

Oreogn Blue Ribbon Flyfishing

Oreogn Blue Ribbon Flyfishing

Steelhead Fly Fishing Journal – Volume 1, Number 3 (Page 44 has 18 of Al’s half-pounder flies)

Al Brunell’s Flies

Below are a collection of Al’s flies. Click on the fly for a larger photo and more info about the fly. More to come as pictures are taken.

3 Responses to Al Brunell

  1. Robin Winchester says:

    I found your article when looking for an obit for Al. I never met him, but we had a common ancestor, and I was sorry to hear he had passed away. Did he ever speak to you of any family stories, or mention anything about his heritage? Thanks for your story – it’s so nice when someone recognizes a life!

  2. Gina Orr says:

    Thank you again, Mr. Wood, for this remembrance. Robin- I am Al’s niece! Please feel free to contact me via Facebook and we can talk about our common ancestor.

  3. Barbara Cripe says:

    I took fly tying classes from Al when I was living in Gold Beach. He was a very generous and kind man. Those of us who attended his classes not only learned a lot about tying flies, but we had a great and fun time. He was a great man and friend.

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