The Spotted Strip Weave

The spotted strip weave makes a strip along the back or two strips along the sides.  If more than one strip is used on the back it becomes a checkered weave.  This is a great weave to begin with.


  1. Create the desired shape of the underbody.
  2. Tie on the piece of material that will be used for the strip on the back.  This should go directly on the top of the hook.
  3. Tie on the material that will be used to wrap around the hook to the side of the hook closest to you.  This will be the main color of the fly.
  4. (Optional) – at this point you can tie off the thread and remove the bobbin.  When starting out this can make it easier to do the weave.
  5. Take the material from step 3 and wrap it behind the strip material.  Take another wrap in front of the strip material.  On the next wrap, take the strip material and lay it against the hook and wrap the material down.  Then take the strip material and hold it up and make another wrap in front of it.
  6. When your are finished, hold both strands of material with one hand while the other hand ties on the thread and then ties off the material.


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