Parallel or Shuttle Weave

Parallel or Shuttle Weave

The parallel weave is one of the quickest weaves once the hand movements are learned.  This weave requires that materials be held with both hands through the weaving process.  It is used for polish or Czech nymphs, along with the Bitch Creek fly.


  1. Create the desired underbody for the fly.
  2. Select two pieces of material.  Typically the darker color will be on the top of the fly and the lighter color on the bottom.  For a size 4 or 6 hook about 12 – 14 inches of material is about the right amount.
  3. Starting close to the eye of the hook, take the darker color material and tye it in on the side of the hook nearest to you. Tie it to the back of the hook where you want the body to start.
  4. Take the lighter color material and tie it on the opposite side of the hook.
  5. Position the hook so the eye is facing you.
  6. With your left hand hold the lighter material straight up
  7. With your right hand take the darker material behind the lighter material and then around the lighter material and back over the top of the hook.
  8. While keeping  tension on the darker material take the lighter material down under the hook and then hold it straight up again.
  9. Take the darker material around the lighter material and over the top of the hook.
  10. Repeat this process until the body is complete and tie of the materials.


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