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It has been a while since I last posted – over a year. Since then I have attended several shows.  I enjoy going to the shows and seeing old friends and making new friends. I also enjoy taking photos at each show.  It is a way to remember the shows and share them with people who were not able to attend the shows.  Below are links to galleries for each of the shows:

North Umpqua Fly Fishing and Tying Festival – 2016

Fly Tyers Rendezvous – 2016

NW Fly Fishing and Tying Expo – 2017

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Atlantic Salmon Fly International – 2016

We are one month away from the Atlantic Salmon Fly International in Renton Washington. This is an amazing show with tyers from around the world attending.  This show was first held in 2014 and it was going to be a one time event, but the organizers decided to do it one more time.   Here is a snippet about the show:

This is an International exhibition celebrating the art and passion of the Atlantic Salmon Fly.  Over 70 world-class tyers representing 17+ countries are coming to Renton, WA for three days to share their experience, passion, artistry, creativity, and fly-tying tips & techniques with the public. This event presents a rare & unparalleled opportunity for the beginner to expert fly-tyer to meet the individuals featured in books and learn about this classic art-form from some of the most renowned tyers alive today.  It is truly a unique, one-time opportunity you do not want to miss! Nobody would tie these flies were it not for zealous salmon fly tyers sharing their knowledge face-to-face over the eras. The robust tradition grows as we continue to make new friends and share our passion with fellow enthusiasts.  While the Internet makes sharing knowledge easy, there is no substitute for tangible camaraderie and learning in person.  Exhibitors will be a fantastic source for fly-tying tools, feathers, materials, tinsel, and fly-fishing gear! A raffle, silent auction, and live auction feature one-of-a-kind items rarely found on the open market. You can find out more about tyers, exhibitors, sponsors, presentations, demonstrations, and the silent & live auction on our website.  All profits from the event benefit Olympic Peninsula Fishing Innovations, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Sequim, WA that designs adaptive devices to allow those with physical limitations to fish again.


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NW Expo 2016

I am a month late in posting these photos from the NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo. This is one my favorite annual shows. There are many tyers to see and a lot to learn. There is plenty of space for the tyers and for people to watch the tyers. I would recommend anyone who is interested in tying or fly fishing to put this show on your calendar for next year – March 10 – 11, 2017.

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Golden Demon

Here is my version of the Golden Demon. This was my steelhead tying mentor’s (Al Brunell) favorite fly. Al owned a flyshop in Gold Beach Oregon called Al’s Golden Demon Fly Den. Al was instrumental in my steelhead fly tying.

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No-name – Kumihimo Spey Fly

I am getting ready for the Fly Tying Rendezvous that is in Portland tomorrow. I have been tying a few kumihimo flies in preparation. Here is one of the ones that turned out okay.

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Claret Brown

It has become a tradition at the NW Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Expo to have a spey plate, where tyers are asked to tie their interpretation of one fly. There are usually between 18 and 24 flies in the plate each year. Monte Smith has put together the plate the last few years. For the 2016 show, the chosen fly is the Claret Brown. Below is my Claret Brown interpretation. The claret turned out a little darker than planned (it didn’t look that dark in the package), but I like the overall look.

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Atlantic Salmon Fly International Expo – 2016

The 2016 Atlantic Salmon Fly International Expo is scheduled for June 3, 4, and 5 in Renton, Washington. This is the 2nd event, it was first held in 2014. The first year was a great show and I would recommend anybody interested in Atlantic Salmon Flies to mark this on your calendar. For more information check-out the website –

ASFI - 2016

ASFI – 2016

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Midnight Spey – Kumihimo Woven Body

I am getting ready for the IFFF Fly Fishing Fair in Bend Oregon.  I will be demonstrating my kumihimo woven bodies.  Here is one I did this weekend called Midnight Spey.

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Kumihimo Green Butt Skunk

After doing the Green Butt Skunk variations I wanted to do a woven body variation.

Hook: Dave McNeese #2
Tag: Silver Tinsel
Tail: Golden Pheasant Dyed Red
Body: Chartreuse Floss and Artic Snow Dubbing.  Kumihimo – 8 black, 4 dark grey, 4 light grey floss.
Wing: Kid Goat
Hackle: Black Rooster and Blue Eared Pheasant Dyed Black

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Green Butt Skunk Variations

I started tying a couple of Green Butt Skunk variations and it turned into a couple dozen.  It was fun to experiment with different hooks and materials.  I haven’t used calf tails for wings a lot, but ended up liking the look.  I also like the look of the red heads.

These will be donated to IFFF at the FFF Fly Fair in Bend Oregon in a few weeks.

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